How to Make Hair Bows: 10 Easy Ways to Beautiful Hairbow Accessories

Have you ever heard of Jojo’s bow? – And Jojo Shiva’s little girl who made trendy hair in the US. He proclaimed the hairbows “more than just hair accessories, it was a symbol of strength, confidence, believe-ness”. As the person who wears it all the time and convinced others to wear it too and make a lot of money from them, he will know.

You can make cute (small and big) hair easily at home. Hairbows are the perfect accessory for perfect clothes – either above pins increasing the beautiful skirt worn by a little girl or above the clip you can wear.

What do you need to make a beautiful hair bow?

Ribbon or fabric for making a bow. The ribbon is a favorite for making a hair bow, even though you can make a bow with cloth too, as you will see in this tutorial. Grosgrain ribbons are favorites for this arc because they are thicker, durable and stronger than ordinary ribbons and look pretty good too. Look at these posts in various types of ribbons on more details about what you can use to make hairbows.
Hair accessories - French clasps and clips, TAC TAC clips (snap clips), crocodile clips, bobby pins, clip combs, butterfly clips, fabrics, plastic hairbands / metal, thin thin, hair ties and attitude to pairs of bows.
Glue - very strong and fast drying glue - instant glue is better but careful with hands
Sewing needles and threads in suitable colors
Opportunities and other ends to beautify arcs such as buttons, sequins and beads, rhinestones etc.

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